Allan Morris Transport

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The latest edition to the Allan Morris fleet is a Legras Walking floor which has been wrapped in UPM Shotton’s colours, this is part of a five year contract to transport 265,000 tonnes of material from their recycling facility in Sandycroft to UPM Shotton on Deeside industrial estate.

The trailer which has a capacity of 110 cubic metres was specifically purchased so as to run at maximum weight.

Allan Morris will take the remaining two new euro 5 Scania's 440bhp Highline tractor units this month. This will mean 10 Scania 440bhp Euro 5 replacing the old euro 4 engine fleet this year, as well as 2 Volvo 460 Euro 5 globetrotter units this see's the end of the renewal programme with all vehicles now running at the Euro 5 standard.

The additional Volvo's are the first Volvos to enter the fleet in 10 years.

A new telematic system supplied by Big Change has been fitted to the fleet giving a one stop shop for satellite tracking, navigation as well as signature capture. It enables our traffic desk to plan, manage and schedule the workforce whilst the system monitors driver behaviour and fuel consumption.

We have also integrated R2C vehicle defect reporting into the Big Change system allowing drivers to report defects online and in real time.